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The space that divides matter and gives it shape 

The procedure is the reverse, it is not a question of filling the empty space with a form but, vice versa, of adding empty space to a form that already exists, almost as if to leave the observer free to fill it with his own imagination.

The shape or the image is fragmented, disassembled, reduced to the essential and then reassembled adding the void between a piece and the other, the details are no longer there, there are only a few clues that allow you to recognize the essence, the rest is imagination, sometimes movement other times color.

The objective of each work is to satisfy the eye with an order and symmetry that do not exist but that seem to satisfy the visual sense or the need for order or disorder.

The sculptures, made of plastic polymers, are mainly mounted on Plexiglas as if they were suspended in the void: matter, empty space, suspended in the void.

Each work offers the viewer a sinuous game of shapes always different from each other divided by cracks that run endlessly around the entire work, perhaps it's a different way of creeping into the cracks in your mind to make it run with me.

Boston (US)

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